7 Reasons for You to Visit Every Week

Summertime is winding down and we so greatly look forward to our favorite time of the year, Fall!

The Broad Street market is the best place to spend the season. Here are our top 7 reasons why you should be visiting every week. 

#1 It’s cool again!

The heat of summer has changed to cooler temperatures which is perfect for eating and shopping in your best fall sweater. 

#2 Reconnect with the community!

Fall is a great time to reconnect with friends and family after the busy summer months. Broad Street market is a great hub to meet up and hangout in the courtyard. 

#3 Pumpkin EVERYTHING! 

Not only can you snag pumpkins for decor, pies, and soups from Veg Out, you can grab a PSL at Elementary coffee (temporarily located across the street in Radish and Rye). Trust us, their version is SO much better! 

#4 Eat dessert!

This is obviously our favorite thing to do. Try a delicious croissant or a seasonal treat like the chai bar or brownies from Raising the Bar bakery. Indulge in pies and fresh bread too.

#5 Trying new foods. 

Fall is the beginning of soup season. Try making a delicious seafood chowder sourcing your ingredients from J B Kelly Seafood. Also add some smoked salmon spread to your order, such a great addition to a cheese board. 

No mood to cook? Here’s a breakdown of what to try. 

Breakfast: Burritos (Taquiera compandre), mini pancakes with dulce (Yum Yum), Ramen (Yami) and a smoothie (Honeybush).

Lunch: Anything from Ougi’s or Maria Hatien. Fried fish (Teps), Burgers (Lovedrafts), Pineapple fried rice with shrimp (Tri-Asian), Cheesesteak( American cheese, mushrooms, onion. Cheesesteak Guy), Crabcake( for the vegan folks at Ward of Health). 

Snacking: Puff puffs (Tasty Dishes), Meat patties (Porter House), and Candied Nuts/ chocolate pretzels (Sweet 717). 

Don’t forget to snag some seasonal beer!  (Zeroday) You can sip with friends or take some home to chill on the couch. 

#6 Gifting Season. 

It is not too early to shop for family friends! Skincare products from Nuborn Skin, plants from Ying’s, or delicious mead from Goblin Alchemy. Don’t forget your furry friends, Doggie Delights has various treats to keep you pup happy. 

#7 Check out the new space!

We are excited for the new vendor space to open. Fall is the best time for a grand return of the vendors from the brick building who were affected by the fire.  We will be happy to welcome our small community back! 

Please continue supporting all our vendors by frequenting the market, bringing cheers, smiles, and encouragement.

Happy Fall ya’ll!

Timisha & Casey, Owners of Raising the Bar Bakery