Home Away From Home

While scouring the Market for photo opportunities of typical BSM content, I came across a couple of our frequent flier patrons.

Julie and Michael Wishnow were just sitting down to a quiet lunch together in the center of our not-so-quiet Stone Building. While children with drippy ice creams raced past them and call-out orders from Tep’s Seafood blasted through the bullhorn, these two were as content as could be. Call it serendipity or feeling the reverberation of “good vibes”, but I was drawn to them. Julie was mid-forkful of Porter’s House rice and beans when I introduced myself. Poor Michael was still chewing his sushi roll from Tri-Asian Taste.

“Hi there, so sorry to bother you, but do you mind if I take a photo of the two of you eating?”

The gentle couple sweetly nodded, acquiescing to my request amidst its intrusion of their midday snacks. I felt the need to sit down and ask why they continue getting weekly lunches at Broad Street. This was Julie’s answer.

“The Broad Street Market has been a part of my life for the past thirty years. It’s a place where my two boys grew up and always ask to visit every time they come home. My husband and I visit every chance we get.

The food is abundant; there is always something new to try! We often plan to go just for lunch, and come home with something equally delicious for dinner. The vendors are so friendly and welcoming, and always so eager to explain a new dish they’ve added to their extensive menus!I love the diversity that the Broad Street Market provides: the different foods from all parts of the world, as well as delicious Amish baked goods and pretzels. Just thinking about them all makes my mouth water!

The people that come to the market are from all walks of life. Everyone has a smile and is willing to share an extra seat at their table or and extra chair if you need one.

It goes without saying that Broad Street Market is a beautiful, historic part of our community. I was in tears when the Brick Building was damaged in the fire. It was devastating to me because of how much I love the market and all the people who make it what it is. I can’t even imagine how the vendors who lost their businesses felt.

Broad Street is my favorite market in Central Pennsylvania. I have so many wonderful memories with my sons (now grown) and my husband. I love bringing out of town friends and relatives to experience ‘our’ special gem.”