Our Mission

  1. To preserve the architectural and historic character and the function, of the Broad Street Market as an urban, public market serving the City of Harrisburg and the surrounding region;
  2. To make accessible a wide variety of produce, meat, fish, bakery and dairy products, and other raw and prepared foods, brought to the market in the center of the City of Harrisburg, which is currently a food desert as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, primarily by local farmers, growers, producers and chefs, which products shall include both healthy and affordable options;
  3. To maintain an environment that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of the citizens of the City of Harrisburg and fosters their social and economic interaction;
  4. To educate the customers of the market and the residents of the City of Harrisburg, with the global need to re-connect people to the land and the production of their food;
  5. To provide a venue for a limited number of non-food vendors to sell locally produced, hand-made, artisanal goods and crafts and thereby improve entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for residents of the City of Harrisburg and the region.
  6. To implement this mission and these purposes while preserving the financial viability and achieving the financial self-sufficiency of the Broad Street Market.
  • John J. Sygielski
  • Mike Lozanoff
  • Mark Fahnestock
  • Westburn Majors
  • Bryan Davis
  • Timishia Goodson
  • Naydia Bonner
  • Terri Smith
  • Danielle Bowers
  • Christine Turner
  • Tashia James


Meeting Minutes

January 2023

Financial Reports