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Shop Small & Buy Local: Where to Find Unique Souveneirs

Visit Hershey & Harrisburg ·

Known by many as the cultural heartbeat of Harrisburg is the Broad Street Market. In addition to their ready-made, delicious smelling lunch and dinner menu items, you can purchase Pennsylvania-made food and goods to go. Radish & Rye is a food hub that brings organic, artisan, and small family farm food to the city… Read On

A Very Harrisburg Holiday: This Christmas, shop for gifts that are not only sold locally, but made locally

by Ann Knaus · TheBurg ·

It’s possible to shop for almost everyone on your list with a single visit to the Broad Street Market in Harrisburg, where an array of vendors offers everything from food products to beautifully handcrafted items…… Read On

Here’s Why You’re Wrong About Harrisburg

by David Landsel · Food & Wine ·

Every now and then, I have this thing where I like to drive over to Harrisburg, specifically the Broad Street Market, a fixture in Pennsylvania’s state capital, just to see what’s doing. Here since the mid-1800’s, which isn’t even all that long, not in Mid-Atlantic market terms, you will find, in not one but two appealing old market halls… Read On

A Day In Hip, Cool Midtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Reverberations ·

Don’t underestimate Harrisburg. The capital city’s Midtown neighborhood will make you rethink what you think you already know. The neighborhood is rich with a farmer’s market with an internal food court, art galleries, street art and an independent bookshop that puts the rest to shame…… Read On

Video: Broad Street Market in Harrisburg

Visit Hershey & Harrisburg ·

Find culture, character & incredible cuisine at Broad Street Market in Midtown Harrisburg, PA… Read On

The Cheesesteak Guy pulls into Broad Street Market in Harrisburg with Philly steaks, burgers

by Sue Gleiter · PennLive ·

Cheesesteaks have arrived at the Broad Street Market in Harrisburg. Philly-style sandwiches, made with thinly shaved ribeye, are grilled to order at the market’s newest stand, The Cheesesteak Guy in the stone building…… Read On

Best Things to Do in Harrisburg: Broad Street Market

VacationIdea ·

Today, Broad Street Market is still one of the liveliest places where people can gather to shop and dine at a wide assortment of restaurants and eateries. Broad Street Market offers over 40 vendors, which provide breakfast, lunch and dinner options. This is a great place for anyone that wants to enjoy the wide variety of culinary delights that the city of Harrisburg has to offer…… Read On

National Pizza Day 2018: Best pizza places in the Harrisburg area

by Sue Gleiter · PennLive ·

Knead joined the bustling market food scene one year ago. The stand is owned by Terence Hanley and Jennie O’Neill, two Harrisburg residents, who decided to take their passion for pizza to the next level…… Read On

Hollywood to Harrisburg: William Sanderson on his acting career, his PA Home and Shipoke’s quirky “Grounddog Day”

by Joanne Kaldy · TheBurg ·

Before you know it, it will be Groundhog Day again, which means that, in Harrisburg, a dog dressed as a bear will pretend to be a weather-predicting groundhog. Say what? Read On

French Twist: Bon Appetit Crêperie brings a new accent to the Broad Street Market

by Ann Knaus · TheBurg ·

The crêpe, a staple of French dining, has been pleasing palettes for centuries. Originally called galettes, which means flat cakes, the thin, little pancakes are served with sweet and savory fillings. This international delight has now made its debut at the Broad Street Market, with locals jumping on the crêpe train. Open only a few months… Read On