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A Revived Local Pride at Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market

Harrisburg’s beloved market is in the midst of a renaissance. A renewed focus on local food, vendor development, facilities improvements and community involvement have increased foot traffic in the historic market houses and ignited a revived local pride in the market. Now the Broad Street Market is looking for a few volunteer “ambassadors” to share their enthusiasm with the crowds… Read On

New Businesses and Renovations: The Broad Street Market is Making Progress

Harrisburg’s Broad Street continues to make progress toward its goals of becoming the food-focused community hub that it once was. The market is welcoming two new businesses into the mix of current vendors and is encouraging current vendors to make renovations. JB Kelly Seafood Connection is a well established business that currently vends in 18 farmers markets in the region… Read On

New Hope for Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market?

by Matt Zencey · PennLive ·

Before heading to work Friday morning, I went by Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market, just a few doors from my apartment. I was pleasantly surprised…… Read On

Faces of the Market

TheBurg ·

In Harrisburg, few buildings are more iconic than the Broad Street Market. Through its 154-year history, the Market has experienced many changes, and some old-timers even remember when it was a hub of both commerce and social life in Harrisburg. While not the center of community it once was, the Market still is a busy place… Read On

Ashlee Dugan steps into Broad Street Market chief operations officer job

by Sue Gleiter · PennLive ·

A midtown Harrisburg woman whose great-grandfather once operated a stand at the Broad Street Market has been named the facility’s new interim chief operations officer…… Read On

Divided America? Not at This Farmers Market

by David Dagan · HuffPost News ·

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in the middle. That’s James Carville’s pithy verdict on the political map of Pennsylvania. From the big-picture perspective of presidential politics, he’s right (with some qualification). But all that “Alabama” in the center of the Keystone State is no monolith… Read On

Market Dollars Make Great Anytime Gifts

Are you looking for a unique gift or something to help you promote your business? How about Market Dollars, which are like gift certificates that can be spent anywhere at the Broad Street Market. Every dollar spent supports the sustainability of the Market. Call or email to order your Market Dollars gifts today! Read On

“Sing for Your Supper” Program

Calling all musicians! Broad Street Market is hosting musicians on Saturdays. We need more musical volunteers. Our budget does not allow for us to pay for entertainment at this time, however you may ask for tips and sell cd’s if you have them. We’ll also chip in some “Market Dollars”, funny money good at all Market vendors… Read On